Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MLM Software - VIP Customers

MLM Software: VIP Customers!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you are well aware of the economic condition of most Americans.
Recent reports show an increase in Direct Selling Participants.
More importantly, an increase  in FULL Time Direct Selling Participants!

Companies are now moving to consider compensation plans that provide greater incentive for Full Time Sales Reps.  MLM Software Systems by Inspetta are providing advanced compensation and UI models for this purpose.
In our MLM Software, VIP Customers are often used to distinguish retail clients, such as stores, hotels, salons, etc.  Folks that are not interested in MLM, but expect a seriously discounted price.  Could it be possible to provide them Distributor Pricing? If so, what incentive does a Distributor have for locating them?
VIP Customer Bonus is a %, say 20% of CV of products purchased by your VIP Customers.  The total CV on the products is reduced by the amount paid out and is then used for the regular comp plan.  This provides a healthy incentive for reps to go full time AND go after retail establishments.

Now, the fly-in-the-ointment... these retail establishments want to see a more professional company from you.  They often don't want to see MLM at all.  HMM...  Inspetta's MLM Software Platform actually provides the ability to run to MLM Platforms, side by side, with separate domains.... one for Commercial sales (VIP Customers)  As reps join in MLM Site, replicated sites are given for both domains.  Simply put, the Commercial Domain is built to attract commercial clients, right down to accepting Purchase Orders.  Orders and Customers are merged between the two, providing central record keeping and accurate commission calculations, while empowering reps to take on commercial clients.

Now, MLM'ers can go Full Time and not stick to friends and family, at home, white board presentations....
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About DB44
DB44 is a software application development of Inspetta LLC.  It is an ASP.Net application with MSSql Server, delivering performance enabled software and database  solutions to business.  One of the specialties of DB44 is MLM Platforms, where website, content management, site replication, admin management, distributor back offices, custom commission calculations, integrated eCommerce and more, must seamlessly deliver accurate results.

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