Monday, January 21, 2013

Direct Selling MLM Software Distributor Sales Performance

Direct Selling MLM Software back office of Distributors is an important area of the business.  For the company, it is a place to disseminate data and corporate resources.  For the distributor, it is a place to gather such corporate data, personal sales data, and should be a place to see their current standing in sales performance and what they need to do to move forward.

Four Key areas to Personal Performance

1.) Personal Sales Performance
2.) Group Sales Performance
3.) Active Personal Customers
4.) Active Personal Distributors

While compensation plans vary greatly, these are four common areas to key in on an individual performance as a distributor for the company.

Inspetta's DB44 Direct Selling MLM Software Platform dials in this data, in order to produce more sales by distributors and more ROI for the company.  Our most popular view is the Gas Gauge View, so I will use this as an example...
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Notice the 4 gauges.  Each represents with it's needle, the current performance level of a Distributor, as it applies to the company's compensation model.

With a quick glance, the Distributor can see their Personal Sales Performance could qualify them as high as an "SE", their Group is a bit lower... at "DMND".
Their Personal Customers and Personal Distributors have them at "GLD".

"I could get paid according to a Diamond!  But, I only have 1 personally active Customer and 2 personally active Distributors.  Due to these levels, I would get paid according to a Gold."

"hmmm, where do I need to focus my time?"
"On the left, I have 9 Personal Customer.  Only One is Active, so I should pickup the phone and contact my 8 other personal customers to see if I can encourage some purchases.  This would raise my Personal Customer Active count.  I might make Diamond after all!!!"
"I also have 7 Personal Distributors but only 2 are active."

Now, the distributor can click details beside each of the names to see sales and order details of each person, as well as email address, etc.  Thus, to do more, to raise my potential income before the end of the month, I can focus on my existing Customer and Distributors.  I could make Platinum or Diamond by the end of the month!

Of course, comp plans vary and some include additional complications, like sponsor 4 people who reach Silver to become Gold.  The company's compensation plan details will be the final authority, as well as the closing of the fiscal period upon successful calculation of commission.  This is designed to give an estimated picture of where I am, where I want to go, and the info at my finger tips to reach out to my personal Customers and Distributors to reach my goals!

There are several ways data can be displayed in MLM Software Back Offices.  This is by far, the most popular view!

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