Monday, January 21, 2013

MLM Auto Blogging

The internet is full of individuals pouring out their heart, knowledge, or simply babbling   Mostly, it is organized in the form of Blogs.  If Twitter Tweets are Short Form Messaging, Facebook Posts medium/paragraph based Messaging, Blog is the full content writing of a particular subject.

The benefits?... Contextually appropriate data on your web pages indicate potential value or Web Worth to those searching for info.  Take MLM Software.  If you search for MLM Software, you will find everything from Scams and Scripts to full Corporate Solutions that are actually designed to run your business.  There are thousands of competing websites, which all use the words MLM Software, however only a few are contextually accurate in providing you with details on the subject. is the best resource for this subject.  Depending on where you are searching from, the site may be on Page 1 or 2, as location based searching is also a factor.

Auto Blogging offers site owners the opportunity to have content automatically collected, often from News RSS Feeds.  An automated crawl at certain hours on particular subjects can render new and fresh content for a website.  Now, it is often partial content from news feeds, in order to maintain copyrights and such.

The downside... Duplicate content across the web is not necessarily seen as valuable content for your site.  Thus, if purely running an Auto Blogging System, you may see PR drop, as well as organic traffic from search engines.

1.) How do you benefit from Auto Blogging, while negating the downside?
2.) How can this be pulled into MLM Software Systems?

How do you benefit from Auto Blogging, while negating the downside?

If Auto Blogging systems are used to gather topics, details, and references... that's good.  To negate the downside of duplicate data on the web, simply edit the blogs.  In other words, if 20 news topics are pulled in through Auto Blogging to your site and you take a moment to comment on each, expanding on the subject/news with your thoughts, the content becomes unique, while containing contextual info.  So, as a memory jogger, writer's block stopper... Auto Blogging can be incredible!

How can this be pulled into MLM Software Systems?

Direct Selling MLM Software can come in a variety of 'flavors.'  In other words, they are not all the same.  We will speak to 'true' Direct Selling MLM Software Systems, such as those produced by Inspetta,  The systems are referred to as DB44 systems.
MLM Company content should always be front and center.  If you are selling Oranges, then details about your oranges, how they are grown, cared for, harvested, delivered to consumers, as well as nutritional details are very important.  An FAQ area to further expand on certain facts is also important.

One mistake many people make is to get a designer to design their pages.  They put images or flash on the page, which show text to the viewer, but are in general, not textual at all and are not read as text by search engines.  Thus, contextual relevance to search requests is null.

Besides Home, About Us, About Products, FAQ, Blog should be on your list.  The reason?  Blogs are intended to be regular, human edited and updated content that may be of interest to readers.

So... Auto Blogging. If you set an Auto Blogging module to grab news headlines on Oranges from Google and Yahoo News, or other RSS feeds, you could automatically create posts about Oranges, the Orange Industry, Weather Events, Nutrition, New Medical Reports, etc. would all be pulled in as new content automatically.  If done right, would create an individual page for each news topic, while checking for duplicates.

Now, if I were to visit my company's site each day, view the news articles that have been added as blog entries, open each an expand on the news with relevant information of comments, then uniqueness kicks in.

In no time, you could have thousands of contextually valuable, unique content pages on your website.

Auto Blogging Modules are now part of the DB44 Corporate Direct Selling MLM Software Platforms!
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