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MLM Software

MLM Software

The Backbone of your Business

MLM Software is used by companies, to manage the independent sales representatives, their relationships to one another, tracking of sales, and distribution of calculated earnings throughout a company's sales team.

MLM Software is used by companies, to manage the independent sales representatives, their relationships to one another, tracking of sales, and distribution of calculated earnings throughout a company's sales team. In order to perform the items mentioned above, MLM Software must include the public interface for selling of company products, admin interface for managing company products, members, sales tracking and commission calculations. Thus, true MLM Software begins with a website for public viewing and access of company information. This public website then requires admin ability to edit and manage content, so a CMS should be included. In order for sales to occur on the website, an ecommerce platform must also be included, enabling the MLM Software to conduct sales and track such sales.

Independent Sales Reps should realize a Replicated version of the company's website, so that sales and new member registrations are correctly registered to particular independent representatives. True replication will be subdomain of the company's site. True MLM Software will manage such corporate site and replication thereof to subdomains for each member in order to track sales and registrations correctly. The MLM Software Back Office for Independent Representatives should provide adequate information of sales, corporate resources, genealogy views of sales team, personal profile management, and earned income reports.

The Administration Back Office for the Company should provided adequate management of Content Management, Member Management, Reporting, Sales Management, Genealogies, Commission Calculations, Back Office Corporate Resources area and more. Some MLM Software systems may also include a news platform, blog platform, autoblogging platform, packing slips, party plans, newsletter campaigns, and more.

Costs of MLM Software, to build from the ground up and include everything mentioned above, will run over $300k and take 9 months with programmers on shifts to complete, if a proper documentation is created to guide programmers along the way. Additionally, the ongoing maintenance of MLM Software will require that you have employed IT professionals, who can work fluently in sql databases and with source code.

The costs of development and the ongoing costs to maintain are substantial, preventing most companies from going this path. Most companies will begin with a Licensed and Customized version from a Software Provider, from between $15k and $40k. Then monthly ongoing costs which range from $499-$2500/month, plus a monthly per replicated distributor charge of $1.75 to $3/month. This enables a company to obtain proper MLM Software system and afford the monthly ongoing costs of maintenance.

The monthly ongoing cost of maintenance is a real bargain. In today's technology, user's update their browser, often creating disturbance in how they view your website. The new browser can render the style or CSS differently. This requires someone to edit the site design, quickly, to accommodate the new browsers. Additionally, servers, firewalls, etc. update their software for security reasons. These updates again create instances of page or feature disruptions or errors, requiring someone to fix it. The software and website didn't change, but technology changes and causes these issues. Finally, companies need ready access to support. Managing a company will cause questions or desired solutions which may not be readily available or understood. Your MLM Software provider is critical to your company's success in the area of managing the system, upgrades, and support to you.

Can you test the waters with less money up front? Absolutely. Be prepared to reduce the feature sets, functions, and design capabilities when you request a reduced price.

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