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Things You Need To Do To Rank In The Search Engines

Search Engine Ranking can be very elusive, compounded by the many articles and sales pitches for SEO Promote.  Teams of people market for your money, on the promise of modifying a keyword to bring you traffic.  As MLM Companies expand, their choice of MLM Software will play a big roll in their ability to penetrate search engines, drive traffic and covert sales.

First, What Do Search Engines Consider To Serve Your Site As A Result?

There are many answers to this question, ranging from theories of algorithms to keyword meta tags.  Actually, while search engines use lot's of algorithms, all of the algorithms are designed to determine the "Contextual Relevance" to the Search Request.
Due to the zealous work of SEO Marketers, websites have been overloaded with particular text, keywords, etc., in an attempt to tell the search engines that a particular page is relevant and should be shown on search.  They extend this work by adding lot's of back-links that are also stuffed with such keywords.  To some degree, this method has worked and may continue to.  That said, the complex algorithms have been built to reduce the effectiveness of such un-natural keyword stuffing, opting to serve up websites with truly relevant content to the search request.

Contextual Relevant to Search Request

Yes, the answer is that simple, now for some details.

Domain Name

Search Engines tend to prefer domains with words, which a user is searching for.  If a search is entered for Big Fat Cookies, a domain named has a pretty high likelyhood of being served up to the user.  There are lot's of variations, and also associated keywords that could be used.  The website url certainly plays a role in how search engines view your site as Contextually Relevant to the Search Request.

Page Title

The Page Title often shows in the Browser Tab area. It also indicates the relevance a Search Engine should expect, for the content on the page.  Be sure the Title doesn't say Home Made Cookies and the content about Swimming Pools!

Meta Keywords

This one is a thorn in my side.  a.) Some engines and directories grab your meta keywords and meta description to help categorize your data in their db.  b.) Google openly states they don't.  Why? because people stuff them with words for hopes of ranking, that are not reflected in the actual page content.  I see lot's of sites with ZERO Meta Keywords or Description on Front Page of Google, so cool your heals!  And since Google tends to provide 90% of the search traffic to most sites... this is not an important element.

Page Content (Public View-able)

Ah!, the passionate focus.  This is where it's at!  Readable content, well structured, Contextually Relevant to the term being searched.  As an example, this blog article is clearly about Search Engine Ranking.  The visible contextual relevance to a search is clear.
Years ago, people would stuff lot's of similar words in white letters on a white background at the foot.  People would not see, but search engines would.  That can actually give you a penalty in ranking now.  Years ago, people would stuff keywords in the Meta Tags, even long articles in a div and make hidden or shift of the page so person does not see, but computers see the content and believe the page is relevant... penalty, penalty.  This is what the algorithms are seeking to parse out.  They want the truly contextually relevant pages to be shown, not the ones that have been falsified.


Today, images are often indexed as well.  Each image can contain Alt and Title text.  The title text is to indicate what the picture is.  The alt text is intended to be the text shown if the image is not visible by some browsers.  Together, their words are also used to determine potential relevance.  Be sure not to keyword stuff!

On Page Links

Hyperlinks can contain text someone sees "Click Here to Learn More about Home Made Cookies" and title text shown as a tool tip on hover.  Like text behind images, this text is useful, but don't abuse it or the algorythms will penalize you!  Rel=me can also be used to provide specific categorization of links to specific individuals or authors.

External Links

Often referred to as Back Links are important.  More important is that these links come from sites with like content with contextual relationship to the seach term and your site.  Also, it is important that such sites don't have 10's of thousands of links out.  A quality site linking to your quality site simply tells the engines that they see your site as a valuable site for thier industry.  Lot's of sites indicate lot's of external influence that your site is considered valuable.

Social Sites & Profiles

Social Sites often allow Profiles.  On these profile pages, you can often put a blurb about you or your web page, as well as a link back.  These tend to be beneficial, as they are clean referrals of your website.  It is important that the Profile page and Posts on that social site be relevant to the content on your site, for which you hope to rank.


Page Rank!  That number we look for on websites, to see if they have Mustard with Google.  It helps if your back links are from higher PR sites, however lower PR sites that are contextually relevant and don't have extensive external links can be more valuable than a PR6 with 10's of thousands of non-important links.

At the end of the day, it is Contextual Relevance of your Page to the Search Request.

Website and Code

A completely different subject, but must be stated.
Poorly written pages, bloated code, slow page loads, etc. loose their consideration as valuable for search delivery.  In the MLM and Direct Selling world, Replicated Websites are often provided to sales reps.  These are often dynamic pages that do not truly exist and are not considered by Google.  True replicate with true sub-domains are a different story and we have seen distributor replicated sites on page 1 with the company!

New Website, Design, Responsive, Hosting

Yes, we provide website development, design, responsive and hosting to lot's of small businesses.  While many know us in the MLM and Direct Selling industry, we are just as active in other industries, including health care, automotive, wireless, food and beverage, office supplies and more.
Our extensive experience in marketing on and off line allows us to provide critical Consulting and Analysis of your business or current website condition, in order to make the best recommendations to correct your ship and gain more sales.

Our Marketing and Advertising service can catapult your business to the top!

If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-888-221-0106

Monday, July 22, 2013

Designing a Compensation Plan

Need to Build or Design a Compensation Plan?

First, if you have one, submit it for Review

The Compensation Plan establishes a pay structure for your sales force and is critical to your success.

First, it must keep the company profitable.  Good intentions or grand ideas of paying huge checks to sales reps is quickly deflated when the company runs out of money.  Failure to manage cashflow, inventory and commissions will bring destruction.  On the quest to build an awesome compensation model in your mlm softwarel, you must face the desire from the field for exciting bonus, but face the reality of cost of good, inventory/warehousing costs, corporate overhead, marketing expenses and more.

Second, it must incentivize the sales force to find to consumers.  Many put this as the first priority of the compensation plan.  Reality Check... your company must stay in business to pay the next round of commissions.  Thus, company profitability is first.  That said, a generous commission structure is important.  We find that 95% of your sales force would like to earn larger money now, thus first levels.5% of your sales force consider themselves leaders and seek smaller earnings on close levels, opting for depth and width to generate larger numbers.  Additionally, these 5%'ers will want overrides and other specialized bonuses that they can meet.  Reality check... Would you rather have 95% of the sales force happy or 5%?  Would you rather have 95% of your sales force motivated or 5%?  Would you rather have 95% of your sales force earn commissions or 5%?  Would you rather have 95% of your sales force upset for not earning and demand refunds or 5% upset with the company and insisting you change your comp plan?

Third, it establishes the culture of your company and it's sales force.  Based on your angle of directing funds towards persons for sales performance, you can either benefit people quickly and in relation to their performance or benefit people over time, as they grow depth.  You could twist the comp plan to encourage recruiting or to encourage retail selling to customers.  Every point and step of the compensation plan will establish the culture and drive of sales reps which will market the company and it's products.

Another important factor about compensation plans is that they can get very creative.  When we say very creative, we mean unusual, new, exciting compensation plans... in theory.  Creative, Unusual, New = Hasn't been done before, or maybe not in the combination you are suggesting.  Hasn't been done before = Custom Programming, Testing and Theorization of potential success.  Custom Programming = Cost.  Testing = Time.  Theorizaton of potential success = Risk.  I'm not suggesting not to do it, only to be prepared for costs of custom programming, cost of time, and cost of potential loss/failure of the concept in actual use.  If it is a success... AWESOME!  You set new bench marks in the industry... Hoorah!

In conclusion, company profitability, incentivising sales reps, establishment of the culture, creative design, costs, time and risk must all be weight with sincerity and with council as you explore them.  Inspetta has provided personalized assistance in these critical areas and is available to you.

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Have a Plan? Have a Quote? for MLM Software

Have a Plan? Have a Quote for Direct Selling MLM Software?

Submit for Review

Some companies begin the path of launching their own Direct Selling MLM Company, with a full vision and documentation of what they need.  System, Admin, Back Office, Site Design and Compensation Plan Documentation allow proper quoting of development or out-of-box solution with no surprise upsell.

Direct Selling MLM Software Documentation of Needs, then you have the ability to get a true estimate/quote, verses an inflated estimate/quote to protect the software provider or a low-end estimate/quote designed to hook until they get your full details.  Honest details will deliver honest estimate/quote for Direct Selling MLM Software.  Forward your documentation to

If you have already received estimates and quotes by Direct Selling Software providers, we will gladly review your estimates and quotes, feature for feature and can almost always save you tremendous money while delivering MORE!  Forward your Direct Selling MLM Software Estimates and Quotes to

Yes, many people have no documentation, but have a great idea.  If that's you, then danger surrounds you when seeking proper MLM Software.  MLM Software providers will either try to hook you with a low-end estimate, until getting your true needs documented or hit you with an extremely high-end estimate to protect the MLM Software provider, as they know that until your full details are spelled out in an agreement, they don't want to be held to an under-bid.

The solution... proper documentation, as noted in the first part of this article.  If you fit into this situation, there is hope!  Consulting and Planning of Direct Selling MLM Start Up, both small and large, to fully discuss and document every detail of your desire, compensation plan and system features for which you haven't even thought of.  Very beneficial is to fully vest your compensation plan ideas with our experienced team.  There is a small fee, however companies that choose to move forward with software with our firm often have a substantial part, if not all of the documentation costs discounted from the Direct Selling Software Solution. Forward your request to

Finally, if you'd like personal service.  If you'd like to have those long discussions after hours, about your unique project.  Reach out to me directly.

An important piece of information... Through us, Direct Selling MLM Software Systems CAN be financed.  There is no need to shoe-string a project and be embarrassed by your systems.

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