Friday, July 19, 2013

Have a Plan? Have a Quote? for MLM Software

Have a Plan? Have a Quote for Direct Selling MLM Software?

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Some companies begin the path of launching their own Direct Selling MLM Company, with a full vision and documentation of what they need.  System, Admin, Back Office, Site Design and Compensation Plan Documentation allow proper quoting of development or out-of-box solution with no surprise upsell.

Direct Selling MLM Software Documentation of Needs, then you have the ability to get a true estimate/quote, verses an inflated estimate/quote to protect the software provider or a low-end estimate/quote designed to hook until they get your full details.  Honest details will deliver honest estimate/quote for Direct Selling MLM Software.  Forward your documentation to

If you have already received estimates and quotes by Direct Selling Software providers, we will gladly review your estimates and quotes, feature for feature and can almost always save you tremendous money while delivering MORE!  Forward your Direct Selling MLM Software Estimates and Quotes to

Yes, many people have no documentation, but have a great idea.  If that's you, then danger surrounds you when seeking proper MLM Software.  MLM Software providers will either try to hook you with a low-end estimate, until getting your true needs documented or hit you with an extremely high-end estimate to protect the MLM Software provider, as they know that until your full details are spelled out in an agreement, they don't want to be held to an under-bid.

The solution... proper documentation, as noted in the first part of this article.  If you fit into this situation, there is hope!  Consulting and Planning of Direct Selling MLM Start Up, both small and large, to fully discuss and document every detail of your desire, compensation plan and system features for which you haven't even thought of.  Very beneficial is to fully vest your compensation plan ideas with our experienced team.  There is a small fee, however companies that choose to move forward with software with our firm often have a substantial part, if not all of the documentation costs discounted from the Direct Selling Software Solution. Forward your request to

Finally, if you'd like personal service.  If you'd like to have those long discussions after hours, about your unique project.  Reach out to me directly.

An important piece of information... Through us, Direct Selling MLM Software Systems CAN be financed.  There is no need to shoe-string a project and be embarrassed by your systems.

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