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MLM Marketing Part 2: Admin and Distributor Tools

The real title should be MLM Marketing and SEO Dangers.

In the last 8 months, we've seen a growing swell of companies seeking every venue they can to increase their sales and penetration into the MLM Industry.  Many companies will place tools at the finger tips of distributors, while others hire SEO Marketers.  Both meet a similar fate.

Today, we are releasing part 2 of our 4 part series on several marketing methods, their pros and cons... (at this point in time).  One of the most important things to understand in marketing your MLM Business is that successful marketing practices are continuing to change.

The series, as first planned, will cover 4 primary areas.
  • Website Design (View Part 1)
  • Admin and Distributor Tools
  • SEO Marketing
  • Clear Marketing and Advertising

Admin and Distributor Tools

With a continual swell of SEO and Marketing Tools, geared towards fooling the search engines, to get you closer to the top... companies fall prey to ideas and methods which should not be used, often avoiding great ideas and methods.  Firstly, a solid Direct Selling and MLM Software Platform, designed to provide the best visibility of any MLM Software program...

Distributor Blogging

Hungry distributors will say anything.  Keep that in mind.  They will guarantee income to those joining their downline or a cure for cancer from a particular bottle of pills.  My father used to say "Desperate People do Desperate Things".  Let's face it... if your company is not focused on selling real products to real consumers first, then you have probably fallen in the direction of marketing your products to Distributors, creating an endless chain of recruiting.  It only takes a few web searches for you to see the folly in this method.  You've planted a big red flag on your corp, attracting the regulators.  Additionally, you set the atmosphere of your sales force.  This atmosphere often means lot's of registrations with little to no actual earnings.  Thus... "Desperate People!"  This leads to improper claims of earnings and products on public forums, blogs, posts, emails and more.

A few companies are in the market to specifically provide blog tools to distributors.  Avoid and live, embrace and die!

Solid companies no the risk and the cost of legal battles.  These companies define in their Policies and Procedures that the company's name, products and opportunity may not be posted on any third party site by any distributor.  That sounds excessive to new companies, seeking distributors to spread the word.  As a kid, there was a game parents would play with children at Church.  Line up 20 kids and whisper a message into the ear of the first kid.  Let each kid whisper to the next.  The last kid would then right down the message.  We would all laugh, as the message was completely different from the original.  In the MLM Industry, as close as 3 generations from your lips... your corp message is so distorted that it should not be shared AT ALL!  Often 1 generation from your lips can create legal troubles.  Why is that?  Atmosphere of the crowd sways thoughts and intentions, personal situation and desperation, as well as mistake of understanding your message.

Conclusion: Distributor Blogging is a huge risk.  Only companies prepared to deliver pre-defined corporate messages, for Distributors to post un-altered should participate.  Additionally, multiple Distributors should have varied content and not duplicates of one another.  Thus, you will need a department that specializes in generating corp approved content.  Few have the resources to develop and approve content on this scale.

Admin Blogging

Admin Blogging can be a huge asset.  The important difference, is that you are stating the content yourself.  Hopefully, you sought legal review on the content before posting.

Proper replicated subdomain sites in your MLM Software will allow the blog to be duplicated onto all distributor sudomains.  Some will argue there to be negative marks in Google for the duplication, however we find this not to be the case, especially if sufficient differences exist of other content within the replicated page of Distributor.

AutoBlogging is a method of automatically gathering data and drafting blogs through software.  We have an incredible tool built in our platform, however you should use caution as it can be misused.  If misused, it will bring negative marks against search engine performance.  The best use of AutoBlogging is the automated creation, followed by your manual edit and rewrite into your own words.  Used this way, it could be seen as a memory jogger or blog content starter.  Either way, the true nature of your edits will take a couple paragraphs of an AutoBlog and quickly expand them into 5-6 paragraphs of unique web content.  This is the richest form of on-page content you can achieve!

Distributor Emails

In days gone by, many MLM Software and Direct Selling Software programs offered a back office feature for Distributor Emailing.  The featured allowed Distributors to upload or enter a list of contacts, draft an email and fire it out... Ok, what just happened?

  1. A list, unknown by corp, with unknown subscription confirmation was loaded into the back office by Distributor
  2. A message was drafted by Distributor
  3. Email was Sent to All
  4. Email was Sent form Corp Domain and IP

Do we really need to go into detail here?  Everything about this spells trouble.  SPAM is the unsolicited sending of email.  You have just provided a feature for Distributors to SPAM anyone they want, with any Message they Type Up, promising Anything, and sent from your Domain and IP.  OUCH!  Do you think the corp might be liable for the SPAM?  Do you think the corp might be liable for the Message of Email?  Do you think the Domain or IP could be added to SPAM Black Lists, preventing regular email from landing in peoples inboxes in the future?
Just a guess... I would say all the above!

Now I am not a lawyer, but come on folks... use your head!

  • Not everything you have seen before should be used.
  • Not everything made available in another MLM Software should have ever been there for use.
  • Not everything a Distributor claims another Corp had in Distributor Back Offices should be in yours.

Also, technology changes, tools change, as well as laws and best practices.  Consult with your attorney on features such as these.

If your attorney signs off on them... question his knowledge of technology and the subject you presented.  Not every attorney understands every feature and the implications as first shared by you.

Admin Emails

Very simple.  After reading the above, on Distributors... it should be clear that risks exist with emailing.  In fact, uploading an email list, bulk sending, the message content and IP implications should all be considered.

Use of external email relays, often allow for protected handling of large volumes of email, however there must be permission involved or will be spam.  For years, has provided a reasonable service for relaying bulk email.  Using an IP rotation, they generally provide pretty good delivery.  Unfortunately, the receiving domains have increased their rules and checks for flagging as spam.  In short, delivery to Inbox is the final desire and we are now seeing SendGrid as the most desirable service to date.

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is a double edged sword.  Marketers promise the world, deliver little and that which is delivered is often penalized by Google.  There is "SOME" truth to SEO Marketing, however far from the promotions you are pitched.  It comes down to Content on your page, contextually relevant to what someone is searching for.  Enough pages of relevance, coupled with referring domains of relevance will aid in your results.  It is best to contract Marketing and Advertising Services verses SEO Marketing, as SEO Marketing will often lead to penalization, even if they promise it won't.

Distributors are often in need of success.  That said, they often act as if in desperation.  That said, they will often push SEO Tactics towards your site or their replicated one, leading to penalization.

Clear Marketing and Advertising

Take time to develop a true Marketing and Advertising Plan.  If you need help, see or for assistance.  We develop ads for TV, Radio, Web, Adwords and AdCenter, Print and much more.  We also lead a true focus on the contextual relevance of every area of your site.

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