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Zero Upfront Cost MLM Start Up Software

MLM Software Central .com offering Start Up MLM Software provided for FREE, for select MLM Companies.  *Requires Managed Services (hosting & support) Contract
  • We reserve the right to turn down any potential client
  • Real Product/Service Companies, no money games
  • Your desired Compensation Plan must be Documented and Fit in our Start Up MLM Software
  • You provide 5 pages Html Content, Design and Images
  • Requires Managed Services (hosting & support) Contract

What does it include?

  1. Your html pages, as provided on the Root of our MLM System
  2. Integrated public eCommerce System
  3. Subdomain Replication for all Distributors
  4. Tracking of Sales and Signups to every Rep
  5. Distributor Back Office, Genealogy, Sales, Earnings Info, Corp Resources
  6. Corp Admin Back Office, Manage Members, Products, Commissions
  7. Hosting and Support
Yes, it is upgrade-able.
Yes, we can customize. Based on your written requirements an estimate can be provided.
Yes, we can do Custom Designs.
Yes, we can do Mobile Friendly Designs.

Get your requirements written down and call us.

MLM Marketing Part 3: SEO Marketing

The real title should be MLM Marketing and SEO Dangers.

In the last 8 months, we've seen a growing swell of companies seeking every venue they can to increase their sales and penetration into the MLM Industry.  Many companies will place tools at the finger tips of distributors, while others hire SEO Marketers.  Both meet a similar fate.

Today, we are releasing part 3 of our 4 part series on several marketing methods, their pros and cons... (at this point in time).  One of the most important things to understand in marketing your MLM Business is that successful marketing practices are continuing to change.

The series, as first planned, will cover 4 primary areas.

SEO Marketing

This is a HOT and every-changing topic!  For over 15 years, I've told folks that finding your website on the internet is similar to finding a needle in a haystack, only worse.  The haystack is the size of the Moon and there are billions of needles in the haystack.

The solution, by many, has been to build bulks of external linking pages, basically pointing thousands of needles to your needle.  That's absolutely correct, providing they are honest websites, with their own traffic, related to your website or niche and not involved with spam activities.  SEO marketers went crazy by setting up 10,000 back links, link wheels, fake social profiles, anything that would get a back link to a website.

For some time, they were successful.  That day has come to an end.  Google, the dominant engine, has taken an interest in locating and thwarting these types of back-linking.  You can actually be penalized and lose ranking, if involved.

Plain and simple.  Your MLM Website must be Contextually Relevant to a Search Term entered by a user.
That's it.  Multiply that by back linking that is also contextually relevant to their search and to your website.

I've been in heated conversations with SEO Marketers, that continue to promote the same ugly tactics.

Keep it clean, keep it real in 2014!

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